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Personalized 1 on 1 Training Built for the IT Professional


Brandiva is a customer relations and business development consulting agency founded specifically to provide small & medium MSP/IT businesses the necessary customer experience training they need to build the framework for long lasting client relationships.  At Brandiva, we believe the customer relationship starts with the very first prospecting call.  Cold calling, appointment setting, customer service, and retention, we teach you how to manage the customer experience the right way by changing the how you communicate with your customer.


Cold call training


Are you good at selling, but struggle getting in front of people?

Booking appointments is only as complicated as you make it. 

Individual cold call/prospecting training will go a long way toward making you more effective in booking your own meetings. 



Virtual CMO for your business for a fraction of the cost.  We understand that canned content won’t achieve the growth you need. 

No long term contracts, the strategy you need at a price you can afford.



Sales Branding


Did you know that branding extends beyond the company logo, mission statement and vision?

Successful career sales pros craft a professional brand, promoting trust and respect to their prospects, converting them to lifelong clients.

Teaching your team how to brand themselves as part of your product is critical to your success.


To perform your best you have to look your best.  Out of date websites and stale logos only work for so long.  If your sales collateral reminds you of disheveled first date, chances are good you’re making your competitor’s material look better by contrast.  

You’ve worked too hard to lose business by embarrassing yourself any longer.  We can help!


MSP Market Penetration


We work with technology vendors who need assistance penetrating the MSP market. 

Whether it’s building your channel program, making meaningful introductions or speaking at a conference on behalf of your organization, we work hard to get you and your product noticed!

Digital content

Our clients can count on us for:

-Website Design
-Logo design
-Promotional material
-Email Marketing




Struggling teams benefit from our workshops and group coaching.  A few topics we have covered in the past include:

-Cold Calling
-Professional branding
-Lead generation
-Marketing Best Practices
-Sales + Marketing = Profit
-The subconscious customer

brand identity


What does your brand stand for?  

Small business growth is often limited by the disconnect between their company vision and their prospect’s perception of them.   

We know it’s hard to see the forest through the trees, let us help you bridge that gap so you can delight your customers! 


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