Allow me to be candid here. My role at JDBizDev is to help IT providers grow their business. I specialize in MSP’s, VARs, IT Vendors, Cloud Providers, Software Developers and everything in between. My ideal customer profile is a hi-tech SMB – in fact, some of my customers have less than 5 people.

According to Clutch, 59% of IT services have transitioned from the traditional break-fix model into managed services before 2016.

Here is what I do: I can help you move your business out of the model where you fix things as needed for your clients. That business model means an erratic income. Instead, I can show you how to move to a business model focused on contractual support that means a steady, definable income stream.

OK. All about me. And why that matters for you.

I love everything about what I do. Behind every passion is a story, and here is mine.

When I was a young girl, my father decided to get out of the auto repair industry and into computers. One day, he decided to hang out a shingle and service 286 & 386 computers for people in the small, middle-class neighborhood we lived in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Growing up, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and play on the computers in his shop. One day, my dad surprised me with THE hot new Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound card (showing my age here), and it was AWESOME. If I brought home good grades, he’d surprise me with a floppy disk with some game like Snake, Duke Nukem or Commander Keen. Then he started his very own BBS. Meanwhile, I was one of the coolest kids in school because I knew MS-DOS and could take out any net nanny that stood in my path. $20 and I’d turn yours off. Every time there was a network update, I got PAID.

Unfortunately, my father struggled to keep the lights on. He was having trouble finding new clients and found himself working longer and longer days just to be open later than everyone else. That seemed to be the only way he knew how to stay competitive, and the lines on his face grew deeper and you could see his burdens.  He had no idea how to market his business. Why would he? He was an auto mechanic turned computer technician, not a salesman. He was personable, he could sell just about anyone he’d meet – the catch was, getting him in front of them.


One day though, my father realized that he couldn’t keep running the business while providing for his family, so he took a part-time job and shortened his hours. The shop was dark for more hours and more frequently as time marched on. I wanted to take over the business, help him out – but he wanted me to focus on school.  I took a job at Pittsburgh Computer, working on the new color coated iMacs. That shop, too, closed their doors.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I want you to know that I have firsthand experience in what you’re going through. More than 20 years ago, I watched the man I loved more than anyone struggle with growing a viable business. He did alright, but without the marketing knowledge, he never stood a chance.

This is what I do for a living. I help you find a way to move out of break/fix service model and into a Managed Services Provider model. I offer customers a solution that does all the heavy lifting for them.  My goal in this blog is to tell you how to do it yourself, so you can find yourself in a position where you can focus on your business but still find a way to drive new revenues.

It is hard work, it won’t be easy – it’ll seem very overwhelming at times, but I can promise you, that with a little direction and dedication, you CAN make it happen. I want to teach you how, so you have a choice to do it yourself or to use the services that we offer.